What are the components of fire detection and warning systems?

Fire detection and warning systems are necessary for all kinds of industrial facilities such as businesses, factories, warehouses, and all kinds of buildings to minimize the loss of life and property and to take precautions against fire hazards. To protect the lives of you, employees, or building occupants during danger and to prevent damage to the materials and machinery in the building, routine checks of fire alarm systems should be made, and all components must work flawlessly and in sync. Well, let's examine in detail what fire detection systems consist of.

Basic Components of Fire Detection and Warning Systems;

Autostart devices:

1. Detectors: These are devices that detect the fire alarm early. Optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, combined detectors, gas detectors, beam type detectors.

2. Sirens and Flashers: These are system warning devices. They warn people audibly and visually. Sirens and horns. Flashers, flashing sirens.

3. Input-Output Modules: These are devices that integrate with other systems. They are used for starting or stopping systems in case of fire.

Manual starting devices:

They can be called fire warning buttons or fire alarm buttons. These buttons enable people to activate the manual notification system in case of fire.

Fire detection systems; they are divided into 2, namely Conventional and Addressable systems. Conventional systems are basic systems. They are preferred more often because of their cost-effectiveness. These systems are generally preferred in smaller scale or public areas where the need for point addressing is less. Today, Conventional systems are largely replaced by Addressable systems. Addressable fire alarm systems; they are used for determining where the fire came from with pinpoint accuracy, especially for medium and large types of businesses or structures. In such large structures, it is important to know from which detector or detectors the fire alarm came.

In this article, we briefly talked about the components of fire detection and warning systems. If you want to get detailed information about fire detection systems, you can read our other blog posts, contact us and obtain the current price list.