About Finder

2010, Finder was founded by Şükrü SAĞLAM as an R&D company.

2011, Finder started a 10-year strategy by investing in R&D and Production

By investing in R&D and Production

  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Kitchen Hood Fire Extinguishing Systems,
  • Electrical panel fire extinguishing systems,
  • Emergency Lighting Luminaires,
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Water Leak Detection Systems

2012, Finder completed Fire Detectors, modules, Sounder and beacons R&D and applied for a patent "Magnet Test for sounder and beacons".

2013, Finder completed kitchen Hood fire extinguishing system R&D and applied for a patent for the unique “Activation mechanism and Non-clogging nozzle with wide coverage area”. Finder get LPCB approval for 6 model kitchen fire suppression systems 

2014, Finder added access control, PAVA and CCTV in product portfolio to offer a complete solution.

2015, Finder completed BSM integration software and became a high-level player in the market such as BOSCH, SIEMENS, HONEYWELL

2016, Finder completed emergency lighting, water leakage, LPG/LNG/CO R&D to become a market player in residential projects.

2017, Finder started to expand its dealer network with unique and competitive products.

2018 Finder moved to a new factory to achieve on time delivery and customer satisfaction.

2019, Finder completed Reasure remote monitoring system R&D and applied for “fire department monitoring for brand and model independent fire systems” patent.

2020, Finder completed 500 series fire alarm system certification to cover  Mid and Low-End market.

2021 Finder was selected as Turkey's 3rd fastest growing SME by TOBB after achieving 290% balance sheet growth and 199% revenue increase in the 3-year period

2022, Finder completed Kitchen fire suppression system according to EN 17446:2021 Standard and get approval from BSI (British Standards Institution) for 6 model products.

2023, Finder launched 3 unique new R&D projects to achieve a world brand by opening Finder branches in 11 countries by 2027 and keep 3rd fastest growing company records again.