Maintenance Services

Finder Fire Systems 

Finder Fire Systems is a leading organization in the field of fire safety. We provide a comprehensive range of services related to fire extinguishing, intelligent addressable and conventional fire detection systems, gas detection systems, and more. Our services cater to a wide customer base across Turkey, ensuring top-level installation, maintenance, and technical support for fire systems.

Here are the recommended maintenance frequencies for fire detection systems, based on relevant regulations and EN54 standards, which may vary according to the facility’s NACE code:

  1. Daily Checks: Simple, observation-based checks that can be performed by business owners.
  2. Monthly Checks: Include tests for backup power sources, battery measurements, and monitoring fire panel fault indicators.
  3. Quarterly Checks: Involve regional tests, system logbook review, inspection of indicator devices, and testing control/monitoring functions, as well as evaluating structural changes.
  4. Annual Checks: Comprehensive tests, including battery tests, assessing device accessibility, and verifying the proper functioning of all sensors.

During maintenance, the focus is on the following key equipment for fire detection systems:

  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Fire Sensors (smoke, beam, flame detectors, etc.)
  • Sirens
  • Dry Contacts (connections for elevators, earthquake sensors, turnstiles, etc.)

During periodic maintenance of fire systems, the following essential tasks are performed:

  • Measurement of battery voltage and input-output parameters for the fire control panel.
  • Inspection and cleaning of fire sensors to check for contamination levels.
  • Testing and calibration of beam detectors.
  • Fire valve tests.
  • Testing fire scenarios.
  • Verifying the correct functioning of security procedures during a fire alarm (such as door opening, elevators arriving at designated floors, etc.).

At Finder Fire Systems, we emphasize the importance of conducting maintenance and control procedures for your fire safety systems in accordance with established standards and regulations.

For the most suitable maintenance planning and detailed information tailored to your project and facility, we recommend contacting our expert technical team. Your safety is our priority