How do Fire Detection and Warning Systems Work?

Fire detection and warning systems should be used correctly and effectively. In order to achieve this, it will be helpful to know how the system works. What triggers the fire alarm? How does the fire alarm work? We recommend that you read our blog post, which is a brief guide for correct use.

Fire alarm systems have a fire detection panel and different means of detection; consisting of elements such as buttons, detectors, siren-blinker, etc.

Fire alarm systems activate these elements. Fire detection and warning systems are designed as one of two types, conventional or addressable. Conventional detection systems are well suited for small areas. These systems do not show the point where the fire started, but their detection and notification work meticulously. Addressable systems, on the other hand, show the point where the fire broke out in large areas. They are quite useful.

We know that the purpose of fire detection and warning systems is to extinguish fire. Of course, the most effective measure we can take against fire will be to use fire detection and warning systems. Systems that monitor the rise of heat and smoke in the environment before a fire occurs or gets bigger, perform fire detection and activate fire alarm systems. Fire alarm systems that warn against possible dangers allow us to deal with the fire early and prevent loss of life and property as much as possible.

How do fire alarm systems work?

Some fire detection systems detect either smoke or heat, while others detect both heat and smoke. The detector sends a signal to the fire alarm panel when the heat or smoke or both rises suddenly in an environment. Then the fire alarm sounds. The fire alarm can make a high-decibel sound, as well as activate a flasher for hearing-impaired people. Alarm variants that both flash and is audible are also available.

When a risk is detected by fire alarm systems, it not only alerts you by generating a warning but also has the very important function of reaching out to the relevant units; Thanks to special software systems, it informs you with communication tools such as mail and telephone and points the fire brigade and ambulance to the right direction. In case of a false alarm, the panel can be silenced remotely. Thus, thanks to reliable technology that works 24/7, your workplaces, factories, life, and property will be safe.

It is of paramount importance that your choice of fire detection and warning systems are certified. If you want to get detailed information about our LPCB, CPR, and CE-certified products, contact us now.