Orbis Marine Optical Smoke and Heat Detector ORB-OH-43001-MAR


The Orbis Marine Optical /Heat Multisensor Detector is recognised as a good detector for general use but is additionally more sensitive to fast burning, flaming fires - including liquid fires - than optical detectors. They can be readily used instead of optical detectors but should be used as the detector of choice for areas where the fire risk is likely to include heat at an early stage in the development of the fire. The Multisensor detector has two sensors, one for smoke and one for heat with the alarm decision derived from either sensor or combination of both.

  • Responds well to fast-burning, flaming fires
  • Transient rejection algorithms reduce false alarms
  • Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert™, a yellow flashing LED, to easily identify dirty detectors
  • Red flashing LED at start up confirms the device is operating. SensAlert™, yellow flashing LED indicates faulty operation
  • FasTest™ takes just four seconds to test and confirm detectors are functioning correctly


Detection principle Smoke: Photo-electric detection of light scattered by smoke particles Heat: Temperature-dependent resistances.
Sampling frequency Once every four seconds
Operating voltage 8.5 V dc to 33 V dc
Supply Wiring Two wire supply, polarity sensitive
Maximum polarity reversal 200 ms
Power up time < 20 seconds
Minimum ‘detector active’ voltage 6 V
Power-up surge current at 24 V 95 µA
Average quiescent current 24 V 95 µA
Alarm current 12 V
                       24 V
20 mA
40 mA
Alarm load 600 Ω
Holding voltage 5 V - 33 V
Minimum holding current 8 mA
Minimum voltage to light alarm LED 5 V
Alarm reset voltage < 1 V
Alarm reset time One second
Alarm indicator Integral indicator with 360º visibility
Remote output LED (-) characteristic 1.2 kΩ connected to negative supply
Operating and storage temperature -40ºC to +70ºC
Humidity (no condensation or icing) 0% to 98% RH
Effect of atmospheric pressure on optical sensor None
Effect of wind speed None
IP Rating designed to IP23D
Standards & approvals EN54-5, EN54-7, MED, LR, BV, ABS and CCS
Dimensions 97 mm diameter x 31 mm height 100 mm diameter x 46 mm height in base
Weight 75 g detector
135 g detector with base
Materials Housing: White flame-retardant polycarbonate
Terminals Nickel plated stainless steel