Smoke & Heat Detector Tester FF SMOKE-T



  • Smoke and Heat test
  • No test gaseous 300 devices test
  • Economic, fast and easy test
  • Adjustable inspection pole, one button operation
  • Using the remote control or smartphone


Testable detector Rate of rise heat detector, Fixed temperature heat detector Ionizetion smoke detector, Photoelectric smoke detector, Option: Analog type detector, Option: Unexploded type(Heat)
Head size 150mm (Detector insertion)
Inspection pole length Minimum 127cm / Maximum 250cm
Weight 2,3 kg
Material Aluminum, etc.
Operation temp range 0 ~ 40°C
Keeping temp range -10°C to approx. 40°C
Operation humidity range 0 to approx. 85%, No Frost
Smoke generator ability Approx. 1000 tests with 100 ml liquid
Battery 14.8V Li-Ion - Fully charged in about 5 hours
Charger Input:AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz. Output:DC 12V 2A
Tester ability(One time of charge) Approximately 200 heat detectors
Approximately 300 smoke detectors