LPG Gas Detector PQD-3035



Trustworthy Certification; PROSENSE "PQD" Series fixed gas detectors are certified with ATEX/IECEx and SIL2.

  • Ex-proof Safety; The continuous measurement of toxic and explosive gases is done safely in hazardous areas thanks to the ex-proof housing
  • Performance Approval; It complies with the measurement performance criteria in accordance with the IEC EN 60079-29-1 standard.
  • Functional Safety; Prosense promotes SIL approved products to reduce safety risks associated with increasingly complicated systems as malfunctioning equipment could pose a potential risk. PQ series has ongoing process for SIL-2.
  • Robust and Durable; SS316 stainless steel sensor head performs perfectly under harsh environmental conditions with the IP65/ IP66 protection class.
  • Accurate Readings; Pellistor, Electrochemical, PID, and Infrared sensors undoubtedly provide an accurate and sensitive measure ment.
  • Ready to Operate; 4-20mA Analog and Modbus RS485 RTU outputs are provided onboard to operate properly without any additional setup.
  • Easy Maintenance; PQD Series detectors allow sensor replacement with pre-calibrated sensor head thanks to the Procell technolo gy.
  • OLED Display; The OLED screen can be easily read from any angle.
  • SAFELOG Data Logger; PQD Series records status up to 250 events. In case of sudden power cut, you can save the data thanks to the cell battery.
  • Automatic Calibration; Detector calibration can be done automatically via preset values recorded in detector software once calibration requirements are provided.
  • Pellistor-Saver Mode; Detectors power off the sensor in high gas concentration in order to properly secure the operational lifetime of pellistor sensor.
  • Auto Analog Signal Calibration and Monitoring; PQD Series detectors continuously check the analog output signal level to match the measurement level before promptly transferred to the panel. PQD Series adjusts the signal level in case of any deviation and generates a fault signal when the adjustment fails.
  • Zero Suppression; Adjusting, the detector can show a certain measurement level as 0 (zero) to avoid unnecessary concerns.
  • Simple External Equipment Control; Optional relay module enables you to use it as an independent gas detection system with two arbitrarily adjustable concentration alarms and one fault alarm.
  • Continuous Self-Test; The detectors check itself continuously to make sure it operates perfectly and indicates a fault in case of any failure.
  • Adjustable Parameters; All parameters can be easily changed according to the application requirements or facility standards.
  • Remote Display; Depending on the application requirements, the screen can be placed separately.
  • Easy Status Recognition; Colored LEDs (green, yellow and red) provide additional alarm and status information.
  • Maintenance via Software; Prosense provides software to maintain your active system easily and calibrate the gas detectors properly via computer.
  • Applications;
    •  Oil&Gas
    •  Petrochemical
    • Onshore/Offshore
    • Steel-Metal Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Process Industry
    • Gas Distribution Stations
    • Water Treatment Plants



Sensing Element Pellistor
Output Signals 4-20mA and Modbus RS485 RTU
Sensor Warm-Up Time 60sec
Response Time(T90) <25sec
Accuracy %±1
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C
Humidity 0~ 100%RH ** Non-Condensing
Input Min 10VDC -Max 32VDC -Nominal 24VDC
Display 128x64 Graphic OLED 5 LED indicator for detector status
Event Logging Records alarm, fault and maintenance events up to 250 logs
Power Consumption Max. 4W
Optional Relay Outputs 2 Alarms (Selectable) and 1 Fault (All relays are NO/NC adjustable)
Cable Entry 1/2''NPT -3/4''NPT -3xM20
IP Rating IP65/IP66 Optional IP66 (Sensor Head)
Junction Box Epoxy Painted Die-Cast Aluminum/316 Stainless Stee
Sensor Head 316L Stainless Steel
Dimensions/Weight 196,96x145,99x112mm / 2100gr
ATEX Marking II 2G Ex db IIC T6 Gb II 2G Ex mb db IIC T6 Gb I M2 Ex db I Mb
Hazardous Class Zone 1 -Zone 2 - M2
Certificates •ExVeritas 18 ATEX 0371X •IECEx EXV 18.0021X •FTZU 18 ATEX 0086 •IEP12 ATEX 6118X •SIL2 (Pending)
Standards • IEC EN 60079-0 • IEC EN 60079-1 •IEC EN 60079-18 • IEC EN 60079-29-1