LPG Gas Detector P-3035



  • Trustworthy Certification; PROSENSE "P" Series fixed gas detectors are certified with ATEX/IECEx.
  • Ex-proof Safety; The continuous measurement of toxic and explosive gases is done safely in hazardous areas thanks to the ex-proof housing.
  • Robust and Durable; SS316 stainless steel sensor head performs perfectlyunder harsh environmental conditions with the IP65 protection class.
  • Accurate Readings; Pellistor, Electrochemical, and Infrared sensors undoubt edly provide an accurate and sensitive measurement.
  • Ready to Operate; 4-20mA Analog and Modbus RS485 RTU outputs are provided onboard to operate properly without any additional setup.
  • Easy Maintenance; P Series detectors allow sensor replacement with pre-calibrated sensor head thanks to the Procell technolo gy.
  • Automatic Calibration; Detector calibration can be done automatically via preset values recorded in detector software once calibration requirements are provided.
  • Pellistor-Saver Mode; Detectors power off sensor in high gas concentration in order to properly secure the operational lifetime of Pellistor sensor. EN60079-0 EN60079-1 EN60079-18
  • Auto Analog Signal Monitoring; P Series detectors carefully check the analog output signal level continuously to match the measurement level before promptly transferred to the panel. P Series adjust the signal level in case of any deviation and generate fault signal when adjustment fails.
  • Universal Communication Protocols;
    • 4-20mA Analog and Modbus RS485 RTU outputs are simple to operate efficiently.
    • P Series open-source Modbus codes support successful integration to SCADA systems.
    • P-3R+ relay module can be properly integrated into P Series detectors for extra operations.
  • Zero Suppression; Adjusting, the detector will show a certain measurement level as 0 (zero) to avoid unnecessary concerns.
  • Fail-Safe Technology Alarming; Alarm 1 and Alarm 2 relays are easy to set to default LEL, ppm, VOL levels. The fault relay output properly indicates fault status.
  • Continuous Self-Test; The detectors check itself continuously if it operates perfectly or not and indicates a fault in case of any failure.
  • Maintenance via Software; Prosense provides software to maintain your active system easily and calibrate the gas detectors properly via computer.
  • Applications;
    • Process Industry
    • Water Treatment
    • Chemical Industry
    • Food and Medicine Facilities
    • Metal Industry
    • Gas Distribution Stations
    • Laboratories


Sensing Type Pellistor
Output Signals 4-20mA and Modbus RS485 RTU
Sensor Warm-Up Time 60sec
Response Time(T90) <25sec
Accuracy %±1
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C
Humidity 5~ 95%RH ** Non-Condensing
Input Min 10VDC -Max 32VDC -Nominal 24VDC
Power Consumption Max. 4W
Optional Relay Outputs 2 Alarms (Selectable) and 1 Fault (All relays are NO/NC adjustable)
Cable Entry 2 x 1/2''NPT
IP Rating IP65 / Opt�onal IP66 (Sensor Head)
Junction Box Epoxy Pa�nted D�e-Cast Alum�num
Sensor Head 316L Stainless Steel
Dimensions/Weight 183x118,15x88mm / 1420gr
ATEX Marking II 2G Ex db IIC T5/T4 Gb
Hazardous Class Zone 1 or Zone 2
Certificates •IMQ 19 ATEX 045 X • IECEx IMQ 18.0009X
Standards • IEC EN 60079-0 • IEC EN 60079-1 • IEC EN 60079-18