Discovery Optical Smoke and Heat Detector (SIL2) 58000-700SIL


  • Reliable fire detection in areas with a very wide temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
  • Five operating modes
  • Drift compensation to ensure constant sensitivity
  • A great alternative to Ionisation detectors
  • Certified to a broad range of marine approvals and EAC approved


Detection principle Smoke: Photo-electric detection of light scattered by smoke particles
Heat: Temperature-dependent resistance
Supply Wiring Two wire supply, polarity insensitive
Terminal functions

L1 & L2 Supply in & out connections
+R: Remote indicator positive connection (internal 2.2kΩ
resistance to positive)
–R: Remote indicator negative connection (internal 2.2 kΩ
resistance to negative)

Operating voltage 17 - 28 V dc
Communication protocol XP95 and Discovery compatible 5–9 V peak to peak
Quiescent current 400 µA  
Power-up surge current 1 mA
Maximum power-up time 10 seconds
Alarm current, LED illuminated 3.5 mA
Remote output characteristics Connects to a positive line through 4.5 kΩ (5 mA maximum)
Clean air analogue value 23 +4/-0
Alarm level analogue value 55
Alarm indicator Two colourless LEDs, illuminated red in alarm. Optional remote LED
Operating temperature -40°C to 70°C
Humidity 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
Effect of temperature on optical sensor None
Effect of wind speed on optical sensor None
Vibration, impact & shock EN 54-7
IP Rating designed to IP44
Standards & approvals EN 54-5, EN 54-7 and IEC61508-1,2
Dimensions 100 mm, diameter x 50 mm height (58 mm with XPERT 7 mounting base)
Weight 105 g detector
160 g detector with XPERT 7 base
Materials Housing: White flame-retardant polycarbonate
Terminals: Nickel plated stainless steel
Smoke element only  
Chamber configuration Horizontal optical bench housing infra-red emitter and sensor,
arranged radially to detect forward scattered light
Sensor Silicon PIN photo-diode
Emitter GaAIAs infra-red light emitting diode
Sampling frequency Once per second