CO Gas Detector PPS-CO



  • Specially Designed for Carparks; Prosense PPS addressable gas detectors are designed and developed for continuously monitoring carbon monoxide for vehicles with gasoline, nitrogen dioxide for vehicles with diesel and LPG gases for vehicle with LPG in closed carparks and tunnels.
  • Easy Communication; PPS Series gas detectors are managed by PPS Manager Control Panel via Modbus RS485 RTU serial connection.
  • Increasable Number of Zones; PPS Manager Control Panel has up to four zones and each zone capable to manage up to 32 detectors.
  • Different Gases in Same Zone; The detectors for different gases can be integrated into same zone and can be monitored separately. Totally, 128 detectors can be managed by PPS Manager.
  • Suitable Solution for Ventilation System; PPS Manager has three relay outputs for each zone in order to manage fan ventilation levels. Also, 1 Alarm and 1 Fault relay contacts are integrated into the panel to monitor overall status.
  • Visual Indicators; Four individual LEDs in each zone inform the operator about current status as an addition to the panel display.
  • Power-Cut Protection; PPS Control Manager offers optional battery connections in case of power cut.
  • Management System Integration Output; PPS Manager provides Modbus RS 485 RTU output that can be integrated with SCADA, DCS or BMS systems. EN50270
  • Automatic Recognition of Detectors; PPS monitoring system automatically detects the type of detectors and adjusts the related measurement ranges and alarm levels.
  • Monitoring Options; You can select an average or an maximum value for every single zone and monitor that value.
  • Single Detector Monitoring; Monitoring every single detector in every single zone is possible with PPS Manager.


Target Gas Carbon Monoxide
Sensing Type Electrochemical
Output Signals Modbus RS485 RTU
Sensor Warm-Up Time 60sec
Response Time <30sec
Measuring Range 0-300ppm
Accuracy %±2
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C
Humidity 5~ 95%RH
Input Min 10VDC -Max 18VDC -Nominal 12VDC
Power Consumption Max. 2W
Cable Entry PG11
Junction Box ABS Plastic / IP54
Dimensions/Weight 150x94,5x58mm - 250gr
Standards EN 50270