Wireless Optical Smoke Detector SG 100 (L-OP-SG)


  • Advanced dual path optical chamber design
  • Internal algorithm processing optimises performance
  • 3rd party approved
  • 8 year battery life
  • Utilises standard low cost lithium battery technology
  • Bi-directional wireless communications
  • Compatible with all Argus translators and Expanders
  • Colour options available
  • 5 year product warranty
  • Device identification tab
  • Dual angle scattering analysis
  • Fast test feature for engineer testing


Operating frequency range 868-870Mhz
Max. radiated power 14dBm (25mW)
Operating frequency channels 7
Communications range <200m
Dimensions 110mm x 70mm
Temperature Range (no icing) -10°C to +55°C 
Max tolerated humidity -30ºC +55ºC
IP Rating IP40