How Often Should You Have Your Fire Alarm Systems Periodic Control and Maintenance?

Fire alarm systems, periodic control and maintenance frequency are stated in the regulation (TS CEN/54-14 fire detection and alarm systems section 14) as a process that must be carried out at least once a year. However, when we consider the safety of life and property in the facility, periodic control and maintenance frequencies should vary depending on the facility and usage. Accordingly, we can summarize the periodic control and maintenance frequencies as follows;

• Daily inspection and maintenance; It includes simple checks that business owners can do on their own and do not require professionalism.

• Monthly control and maintenance; Backup power supply control and testing are usually done with fault indicators.

• Quarterly inspection and maintenance; It includes controls that require professionalism. For example; It includes quarterly processes such as examination of controls and indicators, regional tests, control of the system log, monitoring and control function testing, and examination of structural changes.

• Annual inspection and maintenance; It mostly includes supervisory procedures. It includes controls that require professionalism. Operations other than maintenance; Maintenance, control, and tests are carried out, including battery tests, accessibility of the devices, and control of all sensors and the entire system to ensure that it works properly.

When the Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings regarding periodic control and maintenance works is examined, all facilities and managers should know that periodic control and maintenance is a mandatory process by the provisions of TS CEN / 54-14. Fire alarm systems mechanisms must be in working order through constant maintenance. Regardless of the fire alarm system brand used, the operation of the entire system must be maintained through periodic control and maintenance at certain intervals for these systems, which are affected by environmental conditions, to operate regularly.

Why is Periodic Control and Maintenance Done in Fire Alarm Systems?

The regular operation of fire alarm system devices due to their design and internal structure requires continuous periodic control and maintenance of the system. Sensitive devices used for fire alarm systems may cause problems over time due to environmental and climatic conditions. For this reason, fire alarm systems need periodic control and maintenance as a precaution against damage caused by factors that affect performance such as dust, moisture, and contamination. As a result of periodic control and maintenance operations (testing and repair), the operation and performance of the system are examined. With the necessary maintenance work, fire alarm system devices are ensured to perform their functions regularly.

Whose Responsibility Is Periodic Control and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems?

Testing, periodic control and maintenance of fire alarm system devices; is the responsibility of building managers or building owners. If building owners have transferred fire service responsibility to building managers in writing, the responsibility lies with the building manager. Periodic inspection and maintenance of all fire alarm systems and warning systems in the building and keeping them operational is a situation that should not be neglected by building managers. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, these maintenances are; It should be done by professional, authorized and expert companies.

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