Fire Detection Systems: How to Perform Periodic Control and Maintenance?

In addition to the installation of fire detection systems, it is also very important for our life and property safety to carry out all periodic control and maintenance operations to ensure that it exhibits its first-day performance.


For the system to function properly; You have to do the system installation, commissioning, service process, and the next steps in order. Fire detection systems start the temporary acceptance process with their activation. After the provisional acceptance process and then the final acceptance process, periodic control and maintenance agreements must be made for all fire alarm systems, both mandatory and optional.

Periodic control and maintenance must be done at least once a year. Fire alarm systems must be in good condition to ensure the safety of life and property in the facility. If not, this should be corrected immediately and the system repaired or replaced depending on its condition. These checks must, of course, be carried out by the authorized service or expert personnel.

What is the Purpose of Periodic Control and Maintenance Procedures?

Periodic control and maintenance operations are necessary to increase the performance and reliability of fire alarm systems and to extend their life. Fire panels, sirens and flashers, buttons, carbon monoxide detection systems, emergency lighting systems, detectors, ex-proof detectors, and fire extinguishing systems are checked. All components are cleaned, broken settings are adjusted, and those that need to be changed are replaced.

Points to be taken into consideration during periodic control and maintenance procedures:

Since fire alarm systems pose a risk to life and property safety for the facility, they must be installed by an authorized service or expert personnel with experience in the institution and brand expertise. Companies that are branded in the field of fire detection systems and have been doing this business for years should be preferred. Many brands issue authorized service certificates to their dealers in this context. As building managers, you should request documents and references from the company that will perform periodic control and maintenance of fire alarm systems to show its expertise. Because, in case of a possible fire risk, the company that carries out periodic control and maintenance operations, as well as the building managers, are at risk by giving this responsibility to incompetent people or organizations. Things to consider:

1. Fire alarm systems should be checked and performance tested.

2. The operability of devices connected to the fire alarm system should be checked depending on the fire scenario.

3. The functionality of the electronic cards in the fire alarm panel should be checked.

4. The function of the scenario should be checked by alarming on a regional basis from devices related to fire alarm systems.

5. The functionality of the supply sources should be checked.


6. Detectors that give pollution alarms on the fire detection systems software should be examined and the problem should be tried to be solved.

7. Fault monitoring features of fire alarm systems control and indicator equipment should be checked and tested.

8. Fire alarm system battery status and connections should be checked.

9. Errors/problems in the fire alarm system should be checked via software.

10. The performance of fire alarm devices should be increased by uploading fire detection systems software updates to the control panel.

11. If necessary, detectors connected to the fire alarm system should be cleaned.

Reporting and fault detection after periodic control and maintenance of fire alarm systems are very important. All tests must be performed with licensed and compatible fire alarm systems maintenance devices. End-of-life (battery, etc.) or defective devices detected after periodic control and maintenance should be replaced immediately. Another advantage of periodic control and maintenance operations is that the software is also checked along with the system. If there is any change or update, it should be made.

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